Full support for English spoken guests!


"Casa dos Casqueiros" is a small and exclusive house just in front of the Natural Park of Corrubedo, over the Atlantic Ocean in the harbour.

We can offer FIVE exclusive bedrooms, all of them opened to the Ocean, with direct view to the bay: you can just feel the aroma, the sound, the light of the sea, touching it.

We can also provide an outstanding fine dinning experience, connected to the local fish and shellfish, but with flavours broad open to the world, lined with the chef's experience in Irish restaurants.

Please, don't hesitate asking for information and wider explanations. Even if the main content of the website is presented in Spanish -we a very small venue, family run-, we are more than eager to share our passion for Corrubedo, the wild nature surrounding us, and the exclusive products of our shores with international friends, that we already have (as guests from more than 14 different countries have already visited us).

All experiences here are meant to be "absolutely personal", completely tailored to your preferences. So, here we are - (click here to contact)!

Hoping to hear from you very soon!